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Who's Playing "From The Basement"
KUCR 88.3 FM - Riverside, CA
WAER 88.3 FM - Syracuse, NY

Awards Received:
The Best of H.M.D 2003
Best Single Tracks:
#40 - Amanda Pole, "Sister"

We've already gotten some great reactions to both "Smile" and "Pasadena." You are gaining fans here in Central New York.
WAER Radio
(Syracuse, NY)

Recently while working in LA casting some projects, I had the opportunity to see Amanda's show at a small club, 'The Lava Lounge' and was particularly impressed with her talent. Not just the singing and playing guitar but the music she composes and the lyrics she writes from the heart. My favorite was 'Pasadena', a truly beautiful and moving song.

Amanda has great style and energy. The show was fun and entertaining. Amanda, you rock!
Donise H.
Casting Director
(Austin, TX)

I was particularly taken with "Smile" Seriously, I thought the combination of lyrics and performance was quite strong. You should be proud!
John S. (Los Angeles, CA)

"From the basement, came a talented performer."
Rating: 10
"Oh, she's good alright! You will not be disappointed by her smooth vocals and vibrant chords. She is for sure a voice to be reckoned with."
by John (on

"I was playing Pasadena for my son Grant. He likes your voice too. It has passion in it."

"You have a beautiful voice and a unique vision of your over-all sound.I think your use of reverb is particularly imaginative and cool."

"Listening to "Pasadena" right now. You have a beautiful voice. Good guitar playing too. I think it's great that you're recording everything on your own, and learning more and more about engineering and producing all the time.
Anyway Amanda, keep up the great work!

"You have such a unique sound!I think you'd fit with any style of music, you're so diverse!"
Sandy (UK)

"You look like a Shamman with a guitar in your hand... Now that I've heard your music, I know why."
Wayne (Verona, Italy)

"From song to song, Amanda Pole veers from vixen to sage with an ease that belies her young age. She is definitely one to watch."
Adrian (Los Angeles, CA)

"I totally enjoyed your music. 'Smile' is my favorite."
John (Portland, OR)

"I've waited in lines on the Sunset Strip to see Amanda positioned up on a dark stage, one stool, one guitar, long red hair, and yet the most powerful, soothing voice. My favorite however, is when she performs with her violinist and percussionist. It is a great, high-energy show that fuses the different instruments along with Amanda's voice brilliantly. If you have the chance to go see a show, especially with these fine musicians involved, I would definitely recommend it."
Trish (Sherman Oaks, CA)

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