Born and raised among the saw grass and palmettos in the retirement mecca of Boca Raton, Florida, Amanda Pole, youngest of five children, was brought up with the blunt honesty of New York juxtaposed by the southern hospitality of the Floridian natives. It is this influence that is the driving force behind Amanda's music...a well-cultivated and candid soul.

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After moving to the southern California community of La Crescenta, Amanda received her first guitar when she was sixteen. Her eldest brother taught her three chords and immediately after, Amanda took to her room to write her first song.

Extremely passionate about her newfound talents, Amanda enrolled in a semester of beginning guitar at her high school where she learned some open chords and finger picking patterns. With that foundation, she began putting the poetry she had previously composed to the music she played. From then on, her musical pursuits flourished. Cranking out song after song, Amanda found herself invited to perform at parties and attending open-mic nights around town.

Amanda continued pursuing a greater understanding of her craft. She moved to New York City where she took voice lessons with Judith Ferris who uncovered and developed Amanda's various vocal abilities and instilled her with confidence and power. During her year long tryst with the city of New York, Amanda "sucked the marrow" out of all of her experiences, honing her musical instincts and capacity. Amanda became increasingly devoted to defining herself within the music world. She returned to her home in Los Angeles where she began to produce and perform her music with greater dedication and purpose than ever before.

To date, Amanda has performed at a variety of clubs in the LA area to stunned and inspired crowds. Urged by her fans, she completed her first demo/EP, "From the Basement," which she recorded, engineered, and produced herself in the modest basement of the music building at a local community college. This first album has already earned Amanda recognition among her peers in the industry, moderate radio airplay, and acclaim from her fans. Discovering how much she loves producing while working on her demo, Amanda is busy at work on the next album, as well as working with other acts to which she may lend her innate production skills.

All of her material is her original work. Her influences are many and varied, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to They Might Be Giants, from Janis Joplin to The Beach Boys, from Heart to Dave Mathew's Band, No Doubt, Classical and everything in between.

Her musical philosophy dictates a unique approach. Each song has its own spirit to which Amanda strives to be true. The goal is to use the intrinsic strengths of each instrument to play a role in telling the story and creating the mood of each piece. With lyrics so empowering and inspiring that they resonate in the beholder's soul and melodies that are unexpected, yet inevitable, it is no wonder that music is the driving force in Amanda Pole's life. She is a "diamond in the rough" in an industry that boasts creativity and individuality as its keys to success.

You may find Amanda Pole alone onstage bearing her soul with her acoustic guitar or with her band as Amanda Pole & The Spirits. This ever-changing select group of hand picked musicians combine tribal rhythms and energetic musical variations to create a unique vibe all their own. Either way, her emotionally driven music creates an undeniable sense of intimacy that captures the admiration of anyone within earshot.

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